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Your Texas Traffic Ticket Lawyers

    Welcome to, the ticket law website of the ticket attorneys and lawyers of the Law Offices of Carroll and Hinojosa, PLLC. Our Texas ticket attorneys and ticket lawyers represent individuals with traffic citations and class c misdemenors in city and county courts throughtout the great state of Texas.

     With recent changes in Texas law it is critical that drivers be cautious to maintain as clean a driving record as possible.  Our ticket attorneys can assist you in obtaining a favorable disposition of your matter, in most cases, without you ever having to appear in court.  No attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, but we will guarantee if we can't keep your ticket off your record we will refund your legal fees.

    Our typical fee for traffic matters is $150.00, plus the cost of the fine due the court.  We will contact and negotiate with the court for you.  Often we can obtain a reduction of your fine as well as keeping the matter off of your record.  If we are not able to keep it off of your record we will refund your fee.  So what do you have to lose?

     So complete the simple "Quick Contact Form" on the right side of this page to have one of our traffic ticket lawyers get back with you about your case.  Our attorneys are daily handling matters throughout the great state of Texas. Why not give us a chance to handle yours?