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Should I Fight My Traffic Ticket?

People frequently contact our office to hire us to "fight" their ticket offenses. After discussing the options, the risks and advantages of a trial, most callers hire us to pursue some kind of negotiated settlement. There's no question that cost is an issue. With typical hourly rates arround $200.00 an hour, it's difficult, if there's a good alternative, to justify the expense of a trial for most matters. Of course, our attorneys stand ready to demand and prosecute jury trials for our clients. And when we do, our success rate is very high. And in cases where there are no good alternatives, we routenly recommend trials.

What Are The Risks Of Taking My Matter To Trial?

A plea bargin is only a good deal if it is acceptable. In such a case, a plea bargain can guarantee that you obtain that result, rather than taking the risk that you may end up with a less favorable result. This is where the advice of competent counsel is valuable. Our traffic ticket lawyers can assist you in evaluating your options and help you understand whether or not you should accept a plea offer or take your matter to trial. Another disadvantage of taking a matter to trial is the cost. Not only is attorney time expensive, but you could be required to appear multiple times before your matter actually goes to trial.

Why Most Cases Should Be Resolved By Plea Agreement?

After reviewing your options you may elect to take your matter to trial, but we believe, and most ticket lawyers will agree, that most matters are better resolved by a negotiated plea. After more than a decade of handling citations all over Texas, our attorneys have developed a plan that meets the needs of the majority of ticket client's needs. The goal of our plan is to reach a negotiated solution with the court that will guarantee our client avoids having a conviction on their driving record.

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