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How Can Carroll & Hinojosa, PLLC Help You?

The Texas ticket lawyers, attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Carroll & Hinojosa realize that todays ticket client has many options. Why should the discriminating client use our offices?

You need someone with experience in handling citations. You also need a firm that understands, and is willing to help you understand, the realities of handling ticket cases. Our lawyers understand that while certainly these matters are important to you, the client, your speeding ticket isn't a murder case. You want quality representation that yields results, but you don't want to spend a years salary to get it.

After more than a decade of handling citations all over Texas, our attorneys have developed a plan that meets the needs of the majority of ticket client's needs. The goal of our plan is to reach a negotiated solution with the court that will guarantee our client avoids having a conviction on their driving record. This is not to say that we don't ever try cases - on the contrary we're always ready to try a case. Unfortunately, most of the time our client's aren't looking for a solution with that kind of price tag. Not only do clients not want to pay the attorneys fees for a trial, they usually don't want to have to make the necessary court appearances (which may be numerous).

For a reasonable fee you can have one of our attorneys represent you. We will deal with the court, and often the prosecutor, directly. In the vast majority of cases, you will not have to make a single appearance in court. And if we can't negotiate a settlement that will keep you from having a conviction on your record - we will refund your legal fee.

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